Super Bowl Odds: Jaguars Biggest Longshot

Jacksonville was a 150/1 Super Bowl longshot a month ago and oddsmakers haven't seen anything in the past four weeks to change their mind.

In fact, the Jaguars are now the longest shot on the board at most Vegas sportsbooks at 200/1.

"The Maurice Jones-Drew holdout doesn't help matters and the fact first-round pick Justin Blackmon is behind schedule in training camp after his holdout," said handicapper Mike Pickett of

That slide leaves the two longest shots in the AFC South (the Coolts are 150/1).

The Packers and Patriots are neck-and-neck as the top betting choice in Vegas. The Texans, who benefit from playing those lousy Jaguar and Colt teams, are 12/1, along with the Eagles.

Odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII   

Green Bay Packers                    6/1

New England Patriots                 13/2

San Francisco 49ers                  10/1

Houston Texans                         12/1

Philadelphia Eagles                    12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    16/1

Chicago Bears                           16/1

Denver Broncos                         16/1

New Orleans Saints                   18/1

New York Giants                        18/1

Baltimore Ravens                       18/1

Dallas Cowboys                         18/1

Detroit Lions                              22/1

Atlanta Falcons                         25/1

San Diego Chargers                   25/1

New York Jets                           28/1

Carolina Panthers                      35/1

Kansas City Chiefs                    45/1

Cincinnati Bengals                     40/1

Buffalo Bills                               50/1

Seattle Seahawks                      50/1

Tennessee Titans                       50/1

Arizona Cardinals                       60/1

Washington Redskins                60/1

Oakland Raiders                        65/1

St. Louis Rams                          75/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers             75/1

Miami Dolphins                          75/1

Minnesota Vikings                     150/1

Cleveland Browns                       150/1

Indianapolis Colts                       150/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                   200/1

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